Three Packing Tips for Your Move


When you are going through the process of moving to a new home, it is important for you to make sound and efficient decisions when you are packing your things. To this end, you will want to make sure that you are utilizing the following packing and organizing tips to help ensure that your move goes as smoothly and as efficiently as possible.

Use Your Drawers As Packing Containers

It may seem like a natural impulse to simply remove the clothes that are in your dresser's drawers. However, these drawers can be an excellent packing container for your clothing. For this reason, you should consider leaving your clothes in these drawers. To prevent these clothes from becoming disorganizing or falling out of the drawers, you will want to securely cover the entire drawer in plastic wrap. This wrap will help to keep your clothes in place while also minimizing the risk of their suffering tears or gathering dust during the move.

Make Your Boxes Easy to Distinguish

There are some individuals that will underestimate the importance of ensuring that their packing containers are easy to identify. However, if they are not, you will have to open each one to know where it should go in your new home. In order for you to avoid this problem, you will want to make sure that you are clearly marking the boxes. An easy way of doing this will be to use colored tape to identify the various rooms where the boxes should go. If you are unable to get this tape, you will want to write the destination room on each side of the box in a brightly colored marker.

Avoid Overloading One Side of the Moving Truck

When you or your household movers are placing your possessions into the moving truck, you will want to make sure that you are keeping the weight as evenly distributed as is possible. This is necessary because an overloaded truck can be extremely difficult to drive and will have far worse fuel efficiency.

Moving into your new home does not have to be a complicated and stressful task. By making sure that you appreciate the benefits of using your drawers as packing containers for your clothes, keeping your boxes labeled well, and making sure that the truck is as balanced as possible, you will be better able to avoid some of the more routine mistakes that individuals will make when they are moving to a new home.


11 August 2016

Keeping Your Zen During Your Next Move

When my husband announced that we would be moving again for his job, I couldn't help but burst into tears. We had already moved three times in the past year and a half, and it was getting hard to make new friends. I was tired and angry, until he explained that he would be in charge of this next move and do a lot of the hard work. He also explained what benefits the move would come along with, which helped to calm me down. This blog is all about how I was able to stay calm during my many moves and the tips that have helped me along the way.