Trying to Get Your Parent from Their House into a Living Center? Call These Professionals


If you are trying to get your parent into an assisted-living center and take care of matters from far away, there are some professional services you'll want to look into. You'll want to find a living center, find out what you're going to do with your parent's things, and then figure out how to get rid of their house. Consider doing the following things so you can get everything moving and settled.

Living-Center Personnel 

Request brochures and take virtual tours if you can't go through the assisted-living centers on your own. You'll want to try to get to the centers in person to talk with the management and the staff about the care that your parent will get and to verify the cleanliness and quality of the facilities. You want to know you're placing your parent somewhere they can get the care they need. Check on pricing and find out what your parent's insurance company is going to pay for.

Professional Movers

If you need to sell the house to pay for the assisted-living center or don't want to have to deal with maintaining the house, you'll want to hire professional movers such as those at All Points Movers, LLC. They can go into the property and get everything packaged up and boxed safely, and they can take all the items to a storage facility. This prevents you from having to go to the house to spend your own time packing everything up and getting it stored.

Real-Estate Professionals

Do you need to get rid of the house right away? If so, you want to hire a real-estate professional that can list the house and show it as needed to get it sold quickly. You should find a real-estate expert that is familiar with the area, the market, and the size and value of house you're trying to sell. If the house is small and needs to be updated, you may want to consider an auction-style sale so property flippers can purchase the home fast.

If you have just found out that your parent needs to go into an assisted-living facility, and you can't get there to help make the transition right away, you'll want to look into these different professionals and services to help get your parent settled. You can get everything managed from wherever you are, so you can focus on getting your parent comfortable and ready for the change they're making.  


8 August 2016

Keeping Your Zen During Your Next Move

When my husband announced that we would be moving again for his job, I couldn't help but burst into tears. We had already moved three times in the past year and a half, and it was getting hard to make new friends. I was tired and angry, until he explained that he would be in charge of this next move and do a lot of the hard work. He also explained what benefits the move would come along with, which helped to calm me down. This blog is all about how I was able to stay calm during my many moves and the tips that have helped me along the way.