Storage And A Full Scale Home Renovation


Home renovations are a great way to add more value to a home. They can also make a home more functional for the homeowners. Full scale home renovations, where most of the home is being remodeled, can cost a lot of money and take months to complete. There's also the issue of what to do with the contents of the home. While some things can be boxed up and moved from room to room, much of the time furniture and other belongings need to be put into storage. Here are three storage tips for homeowners tackling a full scale renovation.

Work It Into The Budget

One thing that many homeowners do not do when undergoing a full scale home renovation is add storage costs to the budget. Failure to consider how much storage can cost can actually contribute to going over a home renovation budget. The average 10 by 20 foot storage unit costs around $100 per month. Homeowners should take into consideration the monthly cost of a storage unit, how long their renovation is planned to take, and whether or not more than one unit is needed. Homeowners should also consider the cost of having things moved into storage. Factoring in the cost of movers may not be something that many consider when coming up with a renovation budget, but often movers are needed for the contents of the home. 

Decide Between On-Site Versus Off-Site

One of the great things about storage is that there are plenty of options to choose from. Choosing between off-site options and on-site options is also something that homeowners should consider. On-site storage containers are a great choice if the homeowners have enough room on their property for the container and are sure that it won't interfere with the renovation. An 8-by-8-by-12 unit costs between $175 and $230 a month. There is also a delivery fee associated with portable storage units. Those with smaller properties or those who live in crowded metro areas may want to consider off-site storage instead.  

Consider Climate

Finally, another thing to consider when it comes to storage is climate. While on-site storage or temporarily moving furniture outdoors may work in some areas, in others it can be a disaster. Rain, excess humidity, and winter weather can wreak havoc on items that are not properly protected from the weather. Climate controlled storage units are available and are the best choice in areas with variable climates.

Storage units are something that many homeowners find themselves needing when they undertake a full home renovation project. The costs associated with storage should be worked into the renovation budget. Other things that should be considered include whether or not off-site or on-site storage works best and whether or not climate will play a role in storage decisions. Talk with a company like Stewart Moving and Storage for more help.


7 August 2016

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