Moving Your Business? Tips For Safely Relocating Your Network


If you've secured a new building for your company, you need to ensure that your network infrastructure is moved safely. Relocating your servers and network structure requires specific planning and implementation to ensure that things are done correctly. Before you actually move your office, it's important that you take some time to plan out each stage of the network relocation so that you can be sure that your move is successful.

What Do You Need To Think About?

When you set your moving date, make sure that you have plenty of time for your staff and your network techs to prepare everything. If you are a small business and you don't have network staff, consider working with professional movers who can help you pack and move your network equipment.

In most cases, moving your server infrastructure requires that you shut the network down completely so that you can break it down. If you can't afford to have your business down for the time required, you may want to move the network in stages. Divide your network infrastructure into two smaller networks. That way, you can move one server while leaving the other intact at the current location. This ensures that you have network functionality in both places until you're ready to make that final transition. This reduces the network downtime and lost productivity that often come with a relocation.

Important Steps Before The Move

Before you move your network into the new location, you need to be sure that your building is wired and ready for the workstations to be set up. This ensures that you can connect each workstation as the movers bring them in.

You'll also want to ensure that you have a full system backup. Don't break down any of your workstations or your servers without running a building-wide backup. You might even want to store the backup on a cloud-based backup server until the move is over so that you can be sure that you'll have access to it no matter what.

Moving your business is not logistically simple. With so many different aspects of the move to consider and a network infrastructure to deal with, it's no surprise if you find yourself unsure of where to start or looking for some best practices to get everything into the new building. With tips like these and the help of a professional moving company, you'll be able to get your computer systems relocated with less anxiety or concern. For more help, pop over here.


17 July 2016

Keeping Your Zen During Your Next Move

When my husband announced that we would be moving again for his job, I couldn't help but burst into tears. We had already moved three times in the past year and a half, and it was getting hard to make new friends. I was tired and angry, until he explained that he would be in charge of this next move and do a lot of the hard work. He also explained what benefits the move would come along with, which helped to calm me down. This blog is all about how I was able to stay calm during my many moves and the tips that have helped me along the way.